About Proply Digital

Hey there! If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you’re either looking for a new WordPress website or need help making something stand out. Either way, you’ve come to the right place and we would love to work with you.




To put it simply, we are two web designers who are great friends and love building WordPress websites together.

We’re based in Hertfordshire but we work with clients all across the UK and overseas. We’ve worked for other agencies for over 10 years and we recently felt it was the right time to create something of our own.

We’ve each built more than 100 high-performing WordPress websites, so we are confident we can deliver pretty much any project you throw at us. Unfortunately, we cannot display the websites we’ve built while employed at other agencies but if you’d like to see some, just ask.

Why we’re different

As we’ve worked for other agencies for many years, we have bags of experience in delivering quality solutions for demanding businesses. However, during our time working for these agencies, we discovered that all of them made the same mistake. They all spread themselves too thin, taking on too many projects and not giving each client 100%. This meant that clients didn’t feel like they were being prioritised and deadlines would usually be missed. 

The frustration of working on too many things at once and not being able to do our absolute best for our clients, led us to start something of our own. We both agreed that the best way to do amazing work was to focus on only one project at a time.

That’s how our motto was born…

Proper websites, one at a time

Our promise to you

As we’ve already mentioned, we strongly believe in providing nothing but excellence to our clients. Therefore, based on that and our motto, we promise to focus solely on your project from start to finish. You will receive our full attention, as you absolutely should, resulting in a finished product that meets all of your needs, and then some.

Over a decade of impact. Delivered ontime & on budget.

We are a two-person powerhouse that has been crafting bespoke WordPress websites for over a decade. Let me tell you, that’s a lot of websites. We’re confident that we can deliver anything you throw at us. If it’s WordPress, we can do it!

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